About me

Hi, I’m Claire.

I started this blog in 2017 – before #MeToo, before #TimesUp and, well, before it felt like feminism had really woken up.

Frankly in 2018 it has never felt more exciting to be a feminist and to live in hope that there might be a real shift towards lasting change. I’m not known for being particularly optimistic, but optimism is nevertheless starting to creep into my consciousness – it’s a strange but not unpleasant sensation.

The aim of this blog is to highlight that being a feminist is not some outdated notion that fell away when we won the vote – it is a modern phenomenon. And right now I think it is more important than ever.

For context, I am in my thirties, with a demanding full time job, long commute, great partner and an amazing little girl (who is growing up fast). Oh and a particularly silly dog.

Some days I feel I am barely surviving and that I’m getting through by the skin of my teeth. Some days it all comes together and I feel like a goddamn superhero! But on nearly all days I feel a sense of injustice that women are not treated fairly in their day to day lives. And that this has gone on for way way too long now.

So for me, for my daughter, for all women fighting against a system stacked against them, I write this blog.

Today I am a superhero. And a modern feminist.

I hope you enjoy.

Claire x