About me

I am a thirty-something woman with a full time job, a long commute, a partner, and a little girl (who is growing up fast). Oh and a dog.   So I’m pretty much totally and completely, and boringly, average.

I genuinely feel very grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given and for all I have in my life on a daily basis.  But I worked bloody hard to achieve what I have and I definitely do not, and cannot, do it alone.  I have a great support team in the form of my partner and my family that help keep all of our lives from falling to messy, sticky pieces on a daily basis.

I am, in my view, completely normal (on a good day, that is). And I expect everyone else to think that and treat me that way too.  The fact that I, or indeed anyone else, may ever be treated differently or end up being disadvantaged in their life as a result of purely being female, enrages me to such a considerable degee that I decided to… well, to write a blog about it.

Which is such a ‘millennial’ thing to do, right?