Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women's DayWell I couldn’t really let today go past without saying something, could I?

Happy International Women’s Day everyone. 😁

It feels like something of a birthday today for me. This time last year, I felt the first stirrings of something resembling pride in simply being a woman. And on the train home from work a year ago today, I opened up and read a tiny little penguin book called “The Suffragettes”, that my aunt had given to me months previously.

And for the first time I fully grasped just how hard those women had fought and what they went through as a result.

It’s very easy to talk about ‘women winning the vote’, but honestly that makes it sound like they just won a prize in a competition.

In fact, what they won was a war. And no war is fought without pain, sacrifice and violence, which is what those women went through. They were tortured for their efforts. Actually tortured, and they still came back for more.

It opened my eyes. Opened them to what those women were trying to achieve and also to how little has been achieved since.

Well that was a year ago. And what a year it’s been. I’ve talked before about all the movements for change we’re witnessing at the moment – I don’t need to say it again. But it is amazing.

Actually what I wanted to do today is preemptively address a lot of the negative comments that you may hear today. “Hasn’t feminism gone too far?” “When is International Men’s Day then?” “What about the men in society who are being marginalised by feminism?”

To all of which I just want to say:


Sorry. I know that’s not helpful. But seriously. Poor men, poor men – the women are getting lippy again. Ugh.

When men are genuinely being overlooked for jobs because they may have children soon. When men are assumed to be the admin assistant in a business meeting, before anyone has said a word. When men start to find their careers are stalling after having children. And when the pay gap results show a significant discrepancy in how much more women are earning than men… Then and ONLY THEN am I interested in listening to any of this crap!

But not today!

So today, do NOT come up to me to tell me that we’ve already achieved equality, so why the fuss? Do not tell me that we’re in the middle of an ‘overcorrection’. Do not tell me that feminism has gone too fucking far. Because I don’t want to hear it. Not any of it.

Gone too far? We’re only just getting started!

So Happy International Women’s Day everyone. Today is all about the women. Be proud and loud and confident. You are all incredible.

And maybe I’ll stay off Twitter today – just to be on the safe side!


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