Feminist book love: “Feminist Fight Club” – Jessica Bennett

Feminist Fight Club: I stumbled across this book in the strangest of ways really. I found it through its Instagram account. Yes, a book that has its own Instagram account. It’s a strange new world we live in folks. Seems it’s a smart idea because several weeks later when I was browsing in a bookshop, the front cover caught my eye. And, because I am clearly easily brainwashed by social media, I bought it.

Having not really processed exactly what I had just done (which was to basically confirm every marketer’s wet dreams) I had no idea what to expect from the book I just bought. But I’m so so glad that buy it I did. Because it’s brilliant.

My concern had been that it was going to be some sort of fluffy, silly book filled with cartoons about how rubbish men are – let’s all drink wine and bitch about them etc etc. But that’s not it at all. It is a lovely, honest shout out and support message to all women who may have struggled or are currently struggling in the workplace and it identifies and throws light on some of the (sometimes sub-conscious) actions which men can engage in, which are undermining the women they work with. And believe me, some of the characters that the author, Jessica Bennett, depicts are so familiar it’s scary.

The book also identifies some of the insecurities and acts of self-sabotage that women can engage in during the course of their careers and how you might address these. It’s is beautifully written, never takes itself too seriously and yet every point it makes is backed up by serious data, so there’s nothing frivolous about it at all. It’s just fun. With an edge. Just how I like it!

Personally I think it should be fundamental reading for any woman who may want to work anywhere, ever. Because if you have ever come across any of the issues that it highlights, this book provides you with practical advice on how you might address those problems. And if you haven’t, then lucky you, but we should all still be aware of what goes on around us and what other women may be struggling with so that we can be each other’s strength and support to help in the fight against such issues.

Feminist fight club for the win I say!

(You can buy from Amazon.co.uk here)


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